POINT-7 alu+pro

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The boom is what we feel with our hands when sailing. It’s what makes us feel the wind in the sail. A alu boom does not have to have only a good price, a carbon boom does not only have to feel light and stiff. There is a lot more behind the boom which is more important than these factors.

It needs to bring comfort and safety. It has to be practical. With the Point-7 Black Team the main focus to start from was the curve of the boom. This is not about having a curve of the new generation as many might call it. It’s about of having a curve which allows pure front and back arm to sit in a comfortable position while sailing, automatically positioning the sail in the right angle for the wind to enter and exit. This stance varies with the wind strength and windsurfing discipline. The needs of a wave boom curve is very different from the curve for a slalom boom. Also a slalom boom for strong wind, is very different from a boom for light wind slalom. One needs to offer control and the other power. You can have the lightest and stiffest boom, but if this main fact is wrong then, the boom will feel heavy and uncomfortable.

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POINT-7 alu+pro
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