AV-BOARD Modena Foil Slalom 2022



The Modena Foil 91 is the board that Aurelio designed and tuned thanks to the years of experience in the development of lightwind slalom boards and foil race boards. This board is the synthesis and the evolution of our knowledge. The cut-out and step on the bottom of the tail are wide and designed to make the Modena Foil 91 easier performing gybes, with powerful acceleration and easy take off.

The bottom features a light Vee slightly pronounced on the middle section of the board, and light bevel on the nose rails for easier take off and to soften the landings during touch down. The mast track is positioned on a 2 cms recess on the deck to make easier to close the gap with the sail on the board and improve board balance and aerodynamic during the flight.The construction is full-carbon and full-sandwich with 80 Kg/mwith reinforcements under the steps. These are the features of the board that we designed to fight for the victory on all the windsurf foil racing fields, national and international.


SIZES 40/45/52

  Spedizione: con corriere
    Consegna: in 5/6 giorni lavorativi
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AV-BOARD Modena Foil Slalom 2022
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