Techno Wind Foil One Design Class Board 130L & TWF OD Foil +Fin board

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The Techno 130 Windfoil board has been
shaped by Jean-Marie Guiriec, one of the
best shapers in the business. It enables
planing in as little as 10 knots with the foil,
and to ride slalom in stronger winds by
switching to the fin. It’s a top-performing
100% hybrid board, very accessible, and a
perfect fit for junior monotype racing.
This versatility means coaches and trainers can
choose what skills to teach and races to run,
depending on the wind and water conditions.


Like the Techno 293 OD, the Techno 130 Windfoil is manufactured in our factory in Brittany, France,
using our unique production processes, resulting in a board that is light weight, solid and durable.
A polystyrene blank moulded to the precise shape of the board is then wrapped in sheets of glass
and carbon fibre. Additional PVC foam and carbon fibre reinforcements are concentrated around the
stress point of the fin/foil attachment box. The whole assembly is impregnated with resin and covered
with a polymer (ASA) skin during the thermoforming process. This process, and the aluminium mould
they’re made in not only give the board exceptional durability, but also assures the other essential
elements of a One Design production:
Consistent shape and weight
Tight control over the polystyrene shapes made here on site (geometry and hygrometry), precise
measurement of resin for every board, and the manufacture of the polymer skin also made here
on site, guarantee consistent production and is therefore perfect for monotype classes. During the
Techno World Championships in Cadiz over 400 boards were individually weighed and showed never
more than 5% variation between them.

The glass/carbon thermoformed composite has a shock resistance superior to other materials such
as epoxy and polyester, giving them unbeatable durability/longevity.
In sailing clubs, a Techno 293 board is typically used 6 hours a week, 300 days a year, staying in great
condition and ensuring top level racing over many seasons of use. That shows how resistant the
ACE-TEC construction is. This strength is a determining factor for clubs and schools investing in new
equipment and needing to spread the cost over several years.
An affordable price for the board, rig, foil and fin, and for spare parts.
We have always made a point of making spare parts available at the lowest possible price to help
reduce maintenance costs for clubs, and to enable the biggest number of sailors possible to enjoy
their sport. The same principal will also apply to Techno 130 Wind Foil.


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Techno Wind Foil One Design Class Board 130L & TWF OD Foil +Fin board
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