Exocet RF Foil AST 2023



71 • 81 v2


The RF Foils have been developed for a single objective: to perform in all conditions while remaining surprisingly accessible.
Their unique shape combines a relatively flat deck plan and an optimized volume distribution to facilitate the take-off of the foil while gently absorbing any touches during loss of flight. The positioning of the foil box guarantees very fast take-off over a very short distance. Its unique shape allows to adapt any types of foils while making the flight more stable, comfortable but also more efficient.
The 81 has a thickened outline and more consistent rails. The complementary work on the shape of the deck makes it possible to sail higher with more comfort and to eliminate the braking effect in the event of contact with water.
With an extended range of 4 volumes, the RF Foils will adapt perfectly, depending on their size, to race-racing or slalom foil programs.
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Exocet RF Foil AST 2023
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