EXOCET X-Wave 2023



78 • 85 • 95 • 103


The X-Wave is our ultime product for all waveriders who want a perfect board to ride any wave around the world.
For 2022, we did a big work on our biggest volumes and have totally reviewed the shapes and characteristics of the 95 and 103.
The X-wave range, completed with the 78 and 85, purposes ultra-modern and compact boards. With their 5 slotbox, they’re able to adapt to any type of sailing, slashy or directional, while favoring a maximum handling and reactivity. They offer an explosive start to the planning, are cutting at the bottom turn and are extremely responsive. They will be comfortable in the surf as well as in the jumps and rotations.
In thruster configuration you will have a perfect manoeuvrability, both in frontside and backside surfs with a solid support, while the single configuration will allow you to enjoy a more directive board that will adapt to all conditions while providing support and fast rides on the spot. With quad, you will be able to perform in new school manoeuvres more easily while enjoying a board easiest to slash.
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EXOCET X-Wave 2023
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