I-99 Aero + 81 AST


The Windsurfing foiling discipline is growing day by day and we dedicated full attention to it providing our customers exclusive and innovative board designs that proved once again exceptional perfomance in overall above any board appreciation on the market .

The Aero+ 71 and 81 are the perfect choices for all the sporty freeriders and freeracers:

Outstanding acceleration and exceptional stability in “flight” delivered by our unique flat-deck shape and volume distribution concept.
You will be surprised!

Thanks to their innovative designs, “touch & go” are not an issue anymore and the stunning upwind ability are at fully competitive against title winning specific race boards, in case you may like to join some racing sessions or events, you be a hard one to beat.

We offer two different volumes to guarantee the perfect choice for all light and heavy riders, based on conditions and levels:

the Aero+ 71 with 142 liters and the Aero+ 81 with 182 liters, but the feeling during flights is surprisingly around 30 liters less!

Two different constructions are offered in these series:

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I-99 Aero + 81 AST
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