The new i99 Cesare Cantagalli AM·PRO series has been developed in Italy at world-famous location Lake Garda.
Designed by the experienced shaper Patrizio Pelizzaro with Thomas Fauster’s contribution as renowned highly skilled water tester, the AM·PRO 73 has an innovative shape combining very fast scoop-rocker line to a new generation outline.
It has new features in terms of advance planing, acceleration and top speed being much more progressive at low and high ends.
Greatly improved to the entry and exit gybe. Board suitable for a wider range of riders with the main focus towards a very easy ride and control at top speeds and full blast lay-down jibes.
The 85 model has a brand new scoop-rocker line: the board is much more progressive in light and medium winds while maintaining good performance and control even in strong winds.
Also improved in the jibe control and exit-accelleration.
Models 61 and 63 have been updated in construction materials in order to make them less stiff underfoot, with consequent increased comfort even in extreme conditions.
All AM·PRO boards are equipped with 4 screws for straps anti-twist and the 73 and 85 mount a Deep Tuttle box to replace the previous Tuttle.
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