Who is it for?
The Assault is for any wavesailor who needs a board to perform in a broad range of conditions, not just perfect side-offshore.

What’s it do?
These boards combine early planing with the turning ability of a pure waveboard that can feel at home in all wave conditions.

Why is it unique?
The Assault is unique because of Its versatility for high-end performance in all conditions.

What’s new?
This completely new shape is fast, easy to ride and features a flexible 2+1 fin setup.

Brand new for 2020, the Assault is the ultimate board for any wave condition. Speed and turning are two of the most crucial factors for any wave board and the Assault excels in both. Whether in onshore, side shore or even high wind conditions as a flatwater board, the Assault delivers outstanding performance.

The Assault comes standard equipped as a single fin. This setup offers better performance in high wind onshore and flatwater conditions with enhanced planing, acceleration and powerful turning that multi-fin setups simply cannot match.

Keeping versatility in mind, the Assault is equipped with a 2+1 fin box setup with two slot boxes that compliment without adding significant weight. This allows the option for the board to be ridden as a thruster, giving the Assault the ability to dominate in side shore and side-offshore conditions.

This option to ride as a single fin or thruster grants chameleon-like versatility, opening the door to a wider range of conditions and fun!

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Volume Length Width Rec. Sail Size Finbox Fins
75 L 217 cm 56 cm 3.7-5.3 US Center/Slot Side Box (w/Cover) MFC AR Single Fin 22 cm
85 L 219 cm 58 cm 4.0-5.7 US Center/Slot Side Box (w/Cover) MFC AR Single Fin 23 cm
95 L 219 cm 60 cm 4.5-6.2 US Center/Slot Side Box (w/Cover) MFC AR Single Fin 24 cm
105 L 220 cm 62 cm 4.5-6.5 US Center/Slot Side Box (w/Cover) MFC AR Single Fin 26 cm

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75, 85, 95, 105


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