Who is it for?
Any windsurfer seeking a board with unlimited riding potential—keeping up with them as they grow their skills.

What’s it do?
The Galaxy planes early, jibes easy, slices through chop, has an immense speed potential, and is foil-ready.

Why is it unique?
Whether you’re riding with a fin or foil, the Galaxy has a natural feel.

What’s new?
The all new compact shape offers performance that riders can grow with.

Inspired from the Starship, the Galaxy brings a new range of higher volume freeride boards that are easy to ride, yet still provide the medium-to-top-end performance to make freerace sailors happy. Additionally, the boards feature a reinforced deep tuttle box to accommodate foils.

Their compact, parallel outline creates a stable platform within a considerably short shape. The squared-off nose adds extra stability fore and aft and—in combination with the wider tail—side-to-side movement, making them more accessible for many levels.

Tail cutouts that carry in front of the back foot keep the wetted surface area trimmed for speed while the tail width gives the support for bigger sails. The wider tail outline also makes the Galaxy the best crossover board between traditional windsurfing and foiling.

Multiple footstrap positions add to the versatility and allow sailors to install straps in their preferred stance. Inside inserts make it easier for progressing sailors to get into the footstraps. The outboard positions give options to move footstraps further back or forward giving a large range for different skill levels.

In short, no other big volume freeride board is as easy to ride without limiting riders’ progress with higher speeds and higher performance.

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