Entry Level

Who is it for?
These boards are great for beginners, schools and centers.

What’s it do?
The Kailua provides easy access to windsurfing.

Why is it unique?
The Kailua is unique because its stable enough to learn on while providing enough performance to improve sailing skills further.

The Kailua is the ideal board for novice sailors of all weights and sizes looking for unmatched stability while learning the basics of windsurfing in both planing and non-planing conditions.

The Kailua’s rocker line amplifies early planing and makes jibing extremely easy for beginner windsurfers. With an easy-to-pair EVA deck, this board is the perfect entry-level option for schools and rental centers. For 2020 we have combined a ¾ EVA deck with traditional texture in the nose area. This offers the best of both worlds, pairing the user friendliness of the EVA in the main stance area and the durability of a full composite nose with texture in the front of the board.

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