Starboard Airplane Center Fin 2023

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The innovative inflatable windsurfing board, capable of full planing and real carve jibing.
With the new Woven Technology, the 2020 AirPlanes are 1.8kg lighter and stiffer than ever. It’s a new level of inflatable board performance.

Double-layer, low-extension woven drop-stitch Fusion welded technology adds stiffness, improves durability with a higher resistance to puncture, improves shape stability over time and reduces weight. New improved efficency and reduced drag ensure easier planing. Enclosing the AirPlane’s rear fin box permanently in the board streamlines the bottom shape, which improves early planing and top end speed. The new box is glued in place and no longer removable, which also makes the board easier to set up.

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Starboard Airplane Center Fin 2023
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