TABOU 3S Plus TEAM 2024



The 3S Plus seamlessly blends the finest attributes from our wave, freeride and freestyle boards, offering versatility across three distinct styles of windsurfing.

This fusion of contemporary tail design and a more traditional nose outline results in an ideal balance of early planing, speed and agility across a wide spectrum of wind and wave conditions.

The streamlined rails in the tail section facilitate effortless initiation of turns and jibes, making the 3S Plus an exceptional choice for freeriding in strong winds and tackling onshore conditions and smaller waves during waveriding.

Impressively, the 3S+ maintains remarkable comfort and control, thanks to its dome deck beneath the rear foot, multiple foot strap positions, and a V double concave hull shape.

With the 3S Plus, you have the versatility to engage in three distinct styles of windsurfing, all encapsulated within a single board.


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TABOU 3S Plus TEAM 2024
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