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No matter what conditions you might face on the slalom course or at your local spot, the Manta will always make you fly at maximum velocity.

Impressive acceleration, outstanding top speed and easy handling make the Manta the right choice for slalom racers and those aiming for highest speed at their local spot.

Each size is specifically designed for the conditions that await you on different speed and slalom courses around the world.

The Manta 48 and 54 are specifically designed for maximum velocity and provide outstanding control at an impressive top speed.

The bigger the size you choose, the more focus lays on leverage and planing performance, while never passing on speed and controllability during jibes. Especially the Manta 71, 66 and 61 make sure that you are always in full control in choppy conditions and quickly accelerate to incredible top speed.

Push the limits on the water and fly past other windsurfers and over the finish line in first place with the Manta.


SIZES 48 | 54 | 61 | 66 | 71 | 77 | 85

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