GA-Sails AIR RIDE 2023

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Foiling enthusiasts will admire the Air Ride, which combines the benefits of a high aspect design with outstanding lightness and maneuverability.

A cleverly designed panel layout eliminates unnecessary seams, which leads to reduced weight and increased durability. The Dacron luff panel provides perfect load distribution and easy to handle power generation in light winds.

Smooth batten rotation, maximum control and increased performance were achieved by refining the Air Ride’s luff curve and implementing a one-piece mast sleeve, which enhances lightness and optimizes stretch.

The high aspect design increases efficiency and low-end power, which allows you to take-off incredibly early. Easy handling, controllability and a balanced feeling motivate you to accelerate and fly above the water surface at high speed.

The Air Ride is the right choice for windsurf foiling at all skill levels with its mix of easy-to-use characteristics and incredible performance potential.

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GA-Sails AIR RIDE 2023
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