GA-Sails COSMIC 2024

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Experience the perfect harmony of low-end power, high performance, and the comfort of smooth jibes with the Cosmic, which seamlessly combines drive and acceleration of a cambered sail with the user-friendliness and jibing ease traditionally found in no-cam designs.

The 2024 Cosmic features the newly introduced multi-material mast sleeve.

This innovative design combines a 2-ply center section with traditional sleeve cloth, resulting in a sail that exudes a more sporty character.

This upgrade contributes to improved performance, ensuring you can push the limits like never before during your freeriding sessions.

The integration of our proven Integrated Batten Technology leads to a smoother profile and symmetrical load distribution across the sail.

Whether you’re cruising effortlessly through calm waters or seeking the thrill of endless acceleration in strong winds, the 2024 Cosmic empowers you to reach new levels of performance and enjoyment during your freeriding sessions.

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GA-Sails COSMIC 2024
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