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Developed with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG-3) and Matteo Iachino (I-140) for the new world of foil racing, the HyperGlide 5 is set to become the most complete foil racing sail to date.

In sizes 5,0 – 8,0 the HyperGlide 5 is focused on full power slalom where top-end velocity and precision control make the difference between victory or carnage. Sizes 9,0 – 10,0 offer a tighter leech and deeper draft for extreme upwind/downwind performance.

Added power and the ability to point enable you to ride a smaller foil set-up in lighter winds; the key to going fast. A bigger sleeve provides the stability needed to handle the added power and improve low-end, as well as, upwind performance.

Regulated backhand pressure means power is always available when needed. Maximum control is achieved through stability – the less movement in the rig, the easier it is to maintain trim.

Ultra-high aspect ratios keep the boom length short, minimizing the distance profile can move backward. High skin tension and a rigid framework of 7 tube battens and 4 XL cams lock everything in place, creating a highly efficient race machine.

Trademark weight reduction throughout the HyperGlide 5 means you’re racing on the lightest rig every time you power into a gybe you know you’re doing it with less effort than the other guys. With a reduced foot, that ability to nail every gybe increases confidence. Fly first class.

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