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We are fired up on Wind Wing! Our new UFO wing captures all this enthusiasm with its lightness, performance, and durability as the key design parameters. For us winging is a complete game changer, it turns most mediocre conditions into your best day on the water. We are so psyched to develop wings that will be part to push this fantastic sport forward.

When we designed the UFO, we set out to create an all-around performer designed for super smooth, fun riding. The highly rigid structure facilitated by a V-shaped leading edge and long central strut provides effortless handling, lightweight, and easy control. The profile is designed much similar to that of a windsurfing sail, with forward-focused power delivery and negative leach that release excess power. Two separate semi-rigid handles offer a seamless connection to the wing. The handles are positioned for different rider options and are intuitive to use in all transitions and moves. A one-pump system allows you to inflate the wing quickly in one go.

Maximize your time on the water with the trademark Simmer Style quality and performance of our UFO!

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