UNIFIBER Baseplate Tendon Joint Essentials (U-Pin)


The Essentials baseplate serves as a foundation of our baseplate range. Simple and reliable, the baseplate keeps the number of parts to a minimum, reducing the chances for any part to fail even in extreme conditions.

At its core, a high-quality TPU tendon is anchored by two large-diameter custom bolts, designed for easy tendon replacement without bolt overturning.

The U-Pin section on top is a single solid stainless-steel piece, ensuring lasting durability.

Crafted from tough POK engineering plastic, the baseplate is ergonomic and easy to unscrew, even after intense sessions. The disk, also made of POK material, features an EVA layer and guiding knob for excellent grip on the board.

For added safety, both the top and bottom parts of the baseplate are connected with a Spectra safety rope, capable of withstanding up to 650 kg of a breakload.

We believe that the majority of windsurfers would agree — a strong and secure baseplate is a good baseplate. Everything else is secondary.

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UNIFIBER Baseplate Tendon Joint Essentials (U-Pin)


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