GA-Sails AIR RIDE 2024

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Prepare to redefine your foiling experience with the all-new Air Ride sail – 2024 edition.

Whether you’re a seasoned foiling enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of flying above the water, the Air Ride empowers you to achieve the pinnacle of freeride foiling performance.

This sail has undergone a comprehensive transformation using our cutting-edge 3D design software, resulting in a sail that’s entirely new in every aspect.

The introduction of our brand-new triple luff panel construction, which combines 2-Ply, X-Ply, and Monofilm materials, ensures a stronger and more efficient load distribution across the entire sail, enhancing reactivity and performance.

It also allows for precise shaping at the front of the sail, delivering maximum control.

The Air Ride features a robust 5-batten skeleton with tube battens, which enhances the sail’s stability and overall performance, allowing you to harness the full power of the wind.

Enjoy the thrill of soaring above the water with unparalleled power, stability and control.

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GA-Sails AIR RIDE 2024
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