GA-Sails IQ ME 2024

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The IQ-ME takes the excellence of our IQ-HD sails to the next level by incorporating cutting-edge membrane technology.

This innovative approach involves aligning Technora fibers within the laminate of the sail panels in a way that follows the characteristic curved path radiating from the sail’s corners.

But that’s not all. We’ve gone the extra mile to engineer a panel layout featuring continuous panels, ensuring that the fibers run uninterrupted along the entire load-bearing path, with no cuts under the batten pockets.

This ingenious design allows the super low-stretch Technora fibers to shoulder the majority of the sail’s loads, enabling us to use a thinner film and resulting in a significantly lighter sail.

Experience a sail that’s as responsive as it is durable, as agile as it is powerful, and as light as it is reliable.

The ME Windsurfing Sail is a testament to innovation and engineering excellence and fascinates with its inimitably light feeling.

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GA-Sails IQ ME 2024
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